[welcome to a strange new time]

Here, you must embrace the uncanny, the terrifying, and the absurd. These are the Atmos Collections, and they serve to challenge everything you know about short stories and poems and how they interact with the world around them. 


Our current collections are available to view via the menu above. Choose wisely, and embrace the concepts. Dare to dream, think madly, and write boldy. We want your stories, and we want them to change the world. 



The Atmos Collections are a new, experimental publishing endeavour from Grindstone Literary.


In the last few years, short story and poetry collections have made a resurrgence in the public eye, with many being nominated for prizes around the world. However, despite their nuance and quality, we always felt that there was something... missing. What that was, for a long time, we couldn't put our fingers on. And yet, with each new reading, we felt that space inside us growing. And so, we started to think, to talk, to explore the qualities which make short story and poetry amazing in the way that novels perhaps can't be.


An anthology of stories, like our annuals, can be great, and filled with lots of brilliant stories by better writers. And yet, it lacks a certain coherence. It lacks a narrative arc, a shared story. And when you have a collection published by a talented author, it feels the opposite. There's a narrative there, and it's often very strong, but there is a lack of diversity. The message is often the same, but altered. It's a repetition of point and substance, and there develops a rhythm of thought and personality, of identity and of process. 


And in that realisation, we thought -- there must be a way to amalgamate the best qualities of the two. What if we could come up with an idea -- a concept for a collection that's open to interpretation, but loaded with morally ambiguous, thought provoking themes and ideas? And then, what if we asked people to submit to it with just a bare amount of knowledge to go off? 


The Atmos Collections are built on a foundation of diversity, and the ideas that we conceptualise are intended to evoke this difference in our minds. We want everyone to submit a story that they believe in, within the confines of our concepts, in order to create a coalescence of work that all speaks on the same topic, with a variety of voices. 


In this way, we want to create a shared narrative told in different genres and styles, about different places and different people. 


The Atmos Collections are fused together by the things that make us separate; our minds. And they strive to give readers a glimpse into the recesses of the minds of our writers. Sometimes that might be challenging to read, and other times it might just be frightening. But what it will never be is boring, or shallow, or of no use to the literary world. 


The subjects we tackle are pressing, human issues, and each collection is an excavation of how people feel about the changing world around them. 

The Atmos Collections are an experiment into the collective voice of writers with something important to say. The only question left is whether or not you're ready to listen?



If you need to get in touch about something, you can do, by clicking the button below. 


If you'd like to discuss some ideas for a piece you'd like to write for one of our collections, or have any general queries that haven't been answered above or on our collections and submit pages -- or, if you have any queries about our terms, then please do reach out. We're always happy to hear from you, and more importantly, dispel any doubts you may have.