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Molten-Salt Energy Storage via high-temperature solar conversion is one of the most efficient ways of storing and converting heat into electricity via super-heated steam channeling. 


The resulting reduction in the cost of energy production seemed like a miracle, and the widespread shut down of other, more conventional energy sources was a huge step towards an ecologically stable future. 


We never thought about the consequences. But then again, we never do.


We never look before we leap, we never think before we act. And now, we've poisoned ourselves in a different way. Swapped carbon dioxide for sodium chloride. 


We can't breathe it, we can't eat it, we can't drink it. We can't do anything except try not to let us kill us. 


The air is thick with it, and the salt crunch under foot. 


At dawn, the crystals settled over the roads look like ice. But it never goes away, it never melts. Not until it reaches 801, of course. 


Life is different now, harder. And it starts at 801.







Welcome to Salt. The year is 2086 and after an overhaul in global energy production, Molten Salt Energy has become the primary form of energy generation and storage. Refracted solar rays are channels into melting towers in order to create molten salt, a hugely efficient substance that stores heat more conservatively than nearly any other substance. 


Most bays along the coast have been turned into salt-planes, shallow inlets into which water is channeled, and then allowed to evaporate, leaving behind salt crystals. 


For many, the only source of income available is to go out and collect the salt, selling it back to the state so they can fuel their power stations. How these look, and how this works is up to you. This is your world now, and your only brief is that Molten Salt Eneergy reigns supreme. How this has affected your world, we cannot say. Is it for the better, or for the worse? Is your world thriving, or slowly whithering away? Are people happy? Or is this an all out fight for survival?  


All that we ask is that for this volume, you set your poem in a world having made this switch to molten salt energy, and that the year is 2086. How everything else looks is up to you. It can be any genre, style, or form and set anywhere. Your society may react in a different way to others, and may look vastly different from another.


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GS_Salt 2086.png